Dec 20, 2016 12 00 AM EST
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We Are IMG Academy - Promo

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We Are IMG Academy - Promo

Fueled by passion. Driven to succeed.

A vision achieved. A promise to future generations established. Nearly four decades ago, IMG Academy opened its doors as the first full-time tennis boarding school with the purpose of providing athletes a custom-designed academic curriculum, combined with advanced athletic training, to prepare them for success on and off the court. Today, we are a world-renowned school and training destination that inspires and enables athletes of all ages and ability levels to reach their full potential.

Who We Are 

We are a team comprised of educators, specialists, coaches, pioneers, and dreamers, tethered together by passion and the love of personal growth. We consist of former collegiate and professional players and coaches, dedicated teachers and advisors, performance specialists, and a legion of support staff, working in unison to keep our campus thriving. In our world, adversity is just another word for opportunity. We challenge our students and athletes each and every day to push past their limits because we know they can... And they will. Relentless in our own pursuit of excellence, we will continue to test the boundaries of innovation and performance. Why? Because we owe it to the future leaders, influencers, and game-changers of tomorrow. 
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